Our camp site is a typical tourist camp site, but we can also offer some seasonal places.
Our seasonal prices are very modest, but this is because our service level in pre- and after season is very limited, and we can, therefore, not offer many of the services which one usually associates with having a permanent site at a camp site. Our camp site is not predominantly a site for permanent campers, and we have no wish for it to be one!

Outside the normal tourist season, our permanent campers are therefore left to the "wild nature" with squirrels, deer, pheasants and various species of birds - the bird population is quite large, and that is because we have 3 birdhouses to every 5m/2, where we, each winter, feed the birds in the coldest months.

It can be an advantage, especially for the seasonal camper, to buy a season ticket to Djurs Sommerland. By bike or walking, it is approx.1,5km, and you have one of northern Europes best amusement parks in reach during the whole season.