A natural area:
Djurs fishing lake is surrounded by many old trees in the north-west, and a ridge of hills in the south-east. Both provide the lake with a beautiful setting, and shield from winds from most directions.

An old lake:
According to old maps, there has been a lake here until the eighteenth century, where the area was drained and became a marsh. Later the area was redeveloped and excavated and now, once again, is a beautiful lake, which is supplied with water from the hills.
The laws with regard to the protection of natural areas apply to the lake and its area.

Organic filter:
An organic filter ensures the optimal water quality for the fish in the following way:
The water from the lake is lifted in a pressure line to 2 hills and is led through 2 dams, from where the water returns to the lake.
The lakes content of nitrogen and phosphorus is held back by the dams, thus ensuring the high quality of the water in the lake.
Capacity: approx. 240.000 litres/day
Water quality: pH 7,5-7,8

Upkeep of the lake:
The lake and its fauna have established themselves through natures own conditions.
The fish are, of course, not fed, and the possibilities of catching them are therefore, optimal.
During the winter, holes are bored in the ice, to ensure oxygen supplies – and therefore teems of mature fish ready to be caught in the early spring months.

"Djurssine" is our little 8 foot dinghy, which can be used freely by our guests. Oars and life jackets can be borrowed at the camp sites information office.

Your catch can be stored in the freezer at Information.

Fishing cards:
Fishing cards can be bought at the camp sites information office, where you can also buy hooks and bait. When you are staying on site, we weigh your catch, and you pay only for that which you have caught. See the pricelist.

The lake`s water is so clean, that one can bath in it.
Though we recommend the swimming