All of Djurslands attractions and places of interest lie close by, around Djurs Chalet Village and Camping.:

Nimtofte Vicarage - 1 km
Denmarks oldest farm building, from the 1590s . In the barn the vicar has set up a small agricultural museum, -Denmark`s smallest.
Admittance free.

Djurs Amusement Park - 2 km
( One of Europes`s best amusement parks, needs no further description. Many of our campers, who stay here for a longer period, will find it advantageous to buy a season ticket. Walking distance is 1,5 km.

Djurs Golf (Pay and play)  -  2 km

Djursland Railwaymuseum - 6 km
The 100 year old railwaystation contains a great collection of items from the history of the Danish railways.

- 20 km
Rent a canoe and enjoy sailing on the canals.

The Potters Workshop "Lertøj"
- 7 km
Workshop and sale, with a changing exhibiton af pottery, glass and paintings, and picture-weaving. Admittance free.

Midtdjurs Icelandic Horseriding
- 9 km
Tourist riding on Icelandic horses around the beautiful Kolindsund.

Fannerup Pumpestation - 10 km
Right in the middle of the old Kolindsund, which was Denmarks biggest lake until 1872, the water is still pumped out into the canals and led out into Kattegat. At Fannerup Pumpstation you can follow how the water gets lifted about 6 meters up into the canals, and there is a little picnic site, where you can enjoy your picnic basket. Admittance free.

Tustrup Megalithic Tomb (Tustrup Jættestue)
- 10 km
One of the most interesting northern European pre-historic places of interest, from approx. 3200 B. C.. It is placed in idyllic natural surroundings. The tombs are of an impressive size, in which you can stand upright, and in the little Information office you can see a small exhibition about the history af the tombs. Admitance free.

Scandinavian Animal Park - 12 km
( In the Animal Park you can experience wolves, moose, foxes, wil boars etc.. All set in open and natural surroundings, there are also animals (f.ex mini-goats) for the children to pat.
In the bear park you will find five cute bear's cubs.
Spend the day with your family, and bring a picnic basket to enjoy in the scenic grounds.

Stenvad Turfdigging center (Stenvad Mosebrugscenter)
- 12 km
Go for a ride on "Tørvegrisen" (the "Turf-pig"), along the narrow-tracked turf-railway trough the farming- an cultural landscape, and see the impressive exhibition af the unique cultural history of turfdigging.

Thorsager Roundchurch -12 km
The only roundchurch in Jutland, from the Middle Ages.

The Household dunghill at
Mejlgård Castle
- 18 km
In the forest af Mejlgård lies the 6000 year old household dunghill. From the Castle there is a 3 km walk through fields and forest.

Kalø Castle Ruin (Kalø Slotsruin)
- 20 km
Kalø Slotsruin lies on a peninsula, there is a walk of about 1 km to get there from the parking area. The castle af Kalø was built in 1313 by King Erik Menved, and among one of the more famous prisoners could be mentioned Gustav Vasa, later to be King af Sweden, and the priest Søren Quist, known from the famous Danish author Steen Steensen Blicher`s novel "The priest from Vejlbye". Admittance free.

Old Estrup Castle
(Gl. Estrup Slot)
- 16 km
There are two museums: The castle is a beautiful example af Dutch renaissance, and the furniture bear witness to exclusive life af the nobility. The abundancy of the park and the greenhouses also offers great experiences. The Museum of Agriculture houses the biggest exhibition of
historic tractors, machinery and tools. Apart from the 7000 sq. meters exhibiton, there is also a botanical garden with old trees and bushes. For the children there is furthermore the possibility of meeting old breeds of Danish farm animals, goats, sheep, cows and hens. Do not be put off by the fact that it is called a "museum", there are Great experiences awaiting the entire family.

Djursland Steam Train
("Djursland for fuld damp")
- 20 km
( At the old station in Allingåbro there ia a 27 km long closed down railway track, along which you can drive rail-cycles. Throughout the Summer there will be arranged trips with veteran busses and steam (engines. It is also possible to go canoeing on the brook af Allingå.

Rosenholm Castle
(Rosenholm Slot)
- 20 km
( It is a very beautiful renaissance castle, with an original interior, furniture, books, tapestries, etc.

Kattagat Center (Kattegatcentret)
- 22 km
( An aquarium where you can experience tropical fish and sharks. You can take a walk underneath the shark basin, and get really close to the sharks cruising by !

Munkholm Zoo - 26 km
Farm animals and exotic animals like f.ex. monkeys, snakes. There are also small animals for the children to pat, or take a ponyride.

The Fregate of Jutland
(Fregatten "Jylland")
- 28 km
( The longest wooden ship in the world, built in 1860, now lies beatifully (restored at Ebeltoft Vig. The ship is a historic experince, with everything ranging from the King`s to the crew`s quarters.

Naturcenter Randers Fjord
- afstand 29 km
( Exciting exhibitions, fun activities, including the possibility of sailing on the fjord by motorboat or canoe.

The hills of Mols (Mols Bjerge)
- 29 km
A large area af grand protected natural landscape, with many paths for walking.

Clausholm Castle (Clausholm Slot)
- 33 km
( Baroque castle from the 1600th century. The Garden Society of Jutland lies next to the castle, ( and here you will find a water garden, different gardens of a specific theme, a gardening shop etc.

Randers Rain Forest - 35 km
Inside the Rain Forest you will find yourself in a tropical climate, and in the exuberant environment you will be led through the rich flora and fauna of the rain forest.

The trenchments of General Rye
(General Ryes Skanser)
- 38 km
On the narrowest stretch of land between helgenæs and Mols, lies the old Wall, (Dragsmuren) – now a row af granite boulders - in the Middle ages a wall built by Marsk Stig. Well past the wall follows the Trenchments of General Rye, from the Three Year War (1848-50). The trenchments are situated in some of Denmarks most scenic nature, which tempts for a lovely walk.

All distances are approximate, and are measured from Djurs Chalet Park and Camping, Nimtofte.

In the Information you will find leaflets, maps and special route descriptions for the lesser known places of interest.

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